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Turkey is home to an astonishing number of wild flowers and ferns. There are about 12.000 different species in Europe and about 10.000 of them are in Turkey. Around 3.500 of 10.000 native species grow nowhere else in the world, in other words they are known as endemic species characterised by a limited area of distribution. The unusual diversity of Turkey's flora is due to both climatic and topographical characteristics. The large peninsula of Anatolia features three different regions in terms of vegetation types, that to the north belonging to the cool and wet climatic zone of central Europe, that to the west to the Mediterranean zone, and that to the east to the continental zone and steppe terrain of central Asia. Southern Turkey is of an intermediate character, combining Mediterranean with a hot and dry desert climate. In addition, the widely varying topography is another factor in this biodiversity.
Among the many different types of plants, bulbs are of particular interest. Bulbous plants, known in scientific terminology as geophytes, resemble onions in producing their buds beneath the soil. This group includes many fragrant as well as beautiful flowers, such as snowdrops, tulips, hyacinths, narcissi, lilies and cyclamen, all of which were among the first wild flowers to be cultivated for decorative purposes. As a source of many native and endemic species, Turkey is a major supplier of flowering bulbs on international markets.


DAY 01
Arrive Istanbul and transfer to the hotel for the start of your tour. Full day city tour
Overnight:  Istanbul

DAY 02
Drive to Bursa. Before we climb up the Uludag Mountain , we will visit Green Tomb, Green Mosque and silk market.
Overnight:  Bursa (B.L.D.)

Day 03
Climb up the Kazdagi Mountain (Edremit). Paeolia peregrina, salvia sclaria, sideritis tojana, digitalis trojana, rosa polverulenta, digitalis ferruginea , anagilis paniculata , helleborus vesicarius , digitalis, Kazdagi fir three , red pine , larix europaea , black juniper , quercus trojana , ulmus, beech , pinus pinea , pistasia lentiscus (mastic tree) , judas tree , raus coriaria , sorgus demestica , reseda luteola , aceraceae , nine species of oak(quercus) .
Overnight:  Edremit (B.L.D.)

Day 04
Today we will visit Spil mountain in Manisa. Fenomena , red pine , larix europaea , black juniper , quercus trojana , ulmus , beech , pinus pinea , pistasia lentiscus (mastic tree) , judas tree , raus coriaria , reseda luteola
Overnight:  Izmir (B.L.D.)

Day 05
After breakfast we will drive to Pamukkale via Ephesus which has survived the ages and is still erected with it's magnificance , it's famous library , the columned streets , the theatre and the houses which will charm you .Pamukkale the delightfully translated "cotton castle" with natural basins and stalactites created over the millenia by hot mineral water cascading down the hill side.
Overnight:  Pamukkale (B.L.D.)

Day 06
Drive to Antalya to see the Thermossos Flora. Lilium candidum , hyacinthus orientalis , subspaces orientalis , muscari muscarini , muscari macro carpum , stenbergia Candida , muscari anatolicum , stenbergia fischeriana , muscari sandra sicum , muscari mirum , urginea maritima , orchis , atropa belladona , cunuperus sabina , ruta , mustard , camphor , lemon balm , asparagus , wild jasmine , maize tassels , wild myrtle , centaury.
Overnight:  Antalya (B.L.D.)

Day 07
Tour to the Perge Aspendos , ancient cities , amphitheaters , magnificent ruins , ports and towns which have hosted queens, pirates, kings and wanderers. Flight back to Istanbul late in the afternoon.
Overnight:  Istanbul (B.L.D.)

Day 08
H/D city tour. Visit Blue Mosque where 20.000 blue Iznik ceramic tiles create an etheral atmosphere . Hippodrome, scene of Roman chariot races watched by tumultuous crowds of more than 100.000 people. Topkapi Palace , housing the treasures of the Ottomans and the harem that served as the quarters for the Sultan's wives and concubines. Bosphorus cruise between two continents Europe and Asia in the afternoon.Farewell dinner with belly dancing show.
Overnight:  Istanbul (B.L.D.)

Day 09
End of the tour , transfer to the airport . (B.)

Periods: From the middle of February, until the end of June.                                                                

B:Breakfast , L:Lunch , D:Dinner                                                                

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